Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful That I Can Type Pretty Quickly....

Less than twelve hours until the end of November... and still twelve more items on my thankful list to cover... eek!  Sure, I can type relatively quickly... but I have a verrrry hard time being succinct.  I'll try my best!

thankful #19: a favorite piece of clothing

The big, comfy toggle button sweater I recently purchased from Old Navy.  It was originally $50, which may not seem like much to some people but that is a lot for me to spend on an article of clothing.  Fortunately, I was able to get a lovely tan one during a sale for 40% off.  I love it so much that I decided I needed another one in brown and I was able to snag that one for less than $5!!  I got it during a great sale where all the sweaters in the store were 75% off AND I had some super cash so I basically got an additional 50% off. 

Here are some things I love about the sweaters: 1. extremenly cozy 2. has pockets 3. long enough to wear with leggings when I need to feel extra cozy while running errands 4. did I mention how cozy the sweaters are?? 

Sure, I kind of feel like I look like an old man who likes to drink brandy and smoke cigars in a leather armchair in his study... but I don't care because- you guessed it-- I'm just too cozy to care!!

I know you can't get a good look at the sweater from the picture above... but that cute little halloween horse baby booty was too cute not to post!  And look at those chubby little wrists... he is like the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters!  Hmm.. that would have been a cute costume......... there I go rambling again- sorry!

thankful #20: a keepsake

My engagement/wedding ring.  I am thankful for these rings because they are beautiful and sparkly but also because of what they symbolize.  I feel very, very blessed to be married to such a supportive, patient and kind man and my rings are a constant reminder of just how lucky I am.

thankful #21: a disappointment or fear

Moving to Illinois when I was a sophmore in high school.  Holy hell, that was a traumatic time for me.  I was 16 years old and my dad was relocated to Illinois.  We moved mid way through the school year so that I could finish the field hockey season and Jessi could finish the soccer season.  I remember laying on the bed in my new bedroom in our new house and crying so hard that I could barely breath.  I remember that first day in the new school and that I was so nervous I was actually sick.  But somehow the move didn't kill me like I was sure it would.  It didn't take long for me to make some friends and then I met a boy who ending up being my first love. 

We ended up moving back to Maryland less than a year later and it was bittersweet... I had to leave my boyfriend and my new friends but I got to come back to my old school and my old friends.  The whole experience of having to move there and then move back was incredibly stressful and painful..... BUT-- I wouldn't take any part of it back.  I learned how important it is to be accepting of new people.  I made some lasting friendships.  And I avoided having to pay for driver's ed because they offered it in school there.

thankful #22: a book

The Sleep Easy Solution: The Exhausted Parent's Guide to Getting Your Child to Sleep from Birth to Age 5.  I have not put this book to use yet because Jack is acutely teething right now {something which I'm not sure will EVER end} and the book advises against starting sleep learning while your child is teething.  But soon we will employ the techniques in this book and I am optimistic that I will get a good night of sleep soon.  I really hope so.  It is possible right?

thankful #23: a feeling

When I get home from work and Jack sees me and his little face lights up and he starts shaking his arms around with excitement and reaches for me.  It is the best.  It makes me feel loved and content and happy and like my heart just might explode.  The feeling of being so unconditionally loved is pretty neat.

thankful #24: a photograph

This one is REALLY hard for me.  I love, love, love so many of the pictures I have.  I am incredibly grateful that so many of my experiences have been captured in pictures.  But I'm actually not even going to choose a picture of myself for this... I am choosing one of Josh.  I love this picture so much.  He looks so happy and adorable.  I love how thick his hair is and how big and bright his eyes are.  I love his little mock turtleneck and his tan blazer... a real hip little dude. 

Josh is the youngest of five and I have heard that there are often less pictures of the last of so many kids... so I am very happy that we have this picture!

thankful #25 a luxury

Sleep.  I miss it.  I never really considered it a luxury before but now with a teething, needy baby I realize just how much of a luxury it is.  The other night Jack only woke up once.  It was amazing.  A taste of the good life.

I don't need luxuries like fur, diamonds or filet mignon.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't pass up the aforementioned items but I think right now I would take eight hours of sleep over any of them! 

The photo above is from 2008.  I was taking a nap in Cambridge.  A nap!  Ha!  I think I remember what those were like but I can't be sure.

thankful #26: a charity

Baltimore Reads.  My sister is a first grade teacher in Baltimore City.  As a city teacher, resources are limited so she uses the organization "Baltimore Reads, Inc" to stock her classroom with books.  It is a wonderful organization that provides books to teachers and families in need.  They have an abundance of board books which apparently are not in as high of demand so I was able to get quite a few for Jack which is wonderful.  Since Jack was just a few days old, we have read the book "Mommy loves me" every single night before bed... it is a cute, quick little board book which I got from Baltimore Reads. 

They can always use all kinds of books- adult, children, anything!  So if you are clearing off your bookshelves consider donating some books to them... they will even come to you to pick them up!

Well, it turns out I couldn't type fast enough to get the list done today... so I am going to finish up the list tomorrow or Friday.  Yeah, I'm a little late but that has been my story lately... it wouldn't be fitting if I finished the list on time!

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