Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful: Sisters, Stores and Silly Movie Quotes

I clearly got in over my head with "30 Days of Thanks" thing.  Not because I can't be thankful for one thing each day... quite the contrary... I am thankful for many, many things every day.  It is the keeping up with posting about everything that is proving to be difficult for me.  I forget sometimes that I have other stuff on my plate-- work, laundry, dishes, a baby, cleaning and somewhere in there I try to sleep but that doesn't seem to be happening much lately either. 

I'm going to work on catching up on posting about some more things I am thankful for..... besides you guys taking the time to read this... it is a given that I am always thankful for you!!

thankful #16: an experience

Being an older sister.  My sister, Jessi, and I fight. A lot. We always have.  But we also laugh. A lot. We always have.  We are very different.  She has blonde hair, I have brown.  She is very artistic, I can barely draw a circle.  She doesn't really ever want to talk about fights or problems {she just wants to forget they happened}, I want to talk about them until I'm blue in the face to figure out why they happened.  Despite our differences and countless fights, we still somehow end up being friends. 

Sure, sometimes she makes me want to pull my hair out {or she just pulls it out for me during a fight}, but I can't imagine a day without my little sister.  She is tough and, even though she is younger than me and I feel protective of her, she can usually handle her business and fight her own fights.  But if there comes a day when she can't and she needs a hand, I hope she knows that I am always right here to pick her up and help her realize just how great she is. 

thankful #17: a store

Old Navy.  I know I am a size 6 pants and a medium top... always... so I can shop from the comfort of my sofa.  Somehow I was still the same size when I was 6 months pregnant and 30 pounds heavier.  Granted, maybe I didn't look as great poured into size 6 pants when I was sportinga lot more belly chub.. but I still fit.  I also love that they have great sales and are reasonably priced to begin with.  I am pretty sure that about 93% of my closet is from Old Navy, 5% is from Target and the other 2% are hand me downs from my sister.  I will revisit my love for Old Navy in #19 on this list.. I bet you can't wait!

thankful #18: a saying/quote/scripture

I feel like this is a tricky one.  I used to love quotes.  I was so excited to pick out the quote to go with my senior picture in the yearbook-- I ending up choosing "love isn't what makes the world go 'round, it is what makes the ride worthwhile."  I thought it was deep and meaningful and perfect.  Yeah, dork.  I mean the quote it fine, it is nice, but it is kinda cheesy.  I wish I would have chosen something more fun... a quote from Dumb and Dumber {my favorite movie then and still a favorite now} or something from a song that meant something to me.  So I'll correct my silly high school mistake and choose more wisely this time around.  So here it is..... it was hard to choose... and I'm still not sure it is my favorite.....

"Hey, I guess they're right. Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose. I'll be right back. Don't you go dying on me!"

I like changing the word "dying" in the quote above to other things and using it on a daily basis.  For example, I often say to Jack: "Don't you go crying on me!"

I also love the following exhange........

Harry: Lloyd, I can't feel my fingers, they're numb!
Lloyd: Oh well here, take this extra pair of gloves, my hands are starting to get a little sweaty.
Harry: Extra gloves? You've had extra gloves this whole time?
Lloyd: Um yeah, we are in the Rockies. Jeez!
I know not everyone likes Jim Carrey but I love him.  I also love that this movie makes Josh laugh out loud, and not many movies can do that.

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