Wednesday, January 11, 2012

no kittens. no muffins.

I wanted to post today but I couldn't think of anything I really wanted to talk about.  I turned to my friend Meesh for inspiration... this was our conversation....

Me:  what should i blog about?! i just dont know meesh. things i am grateful for? boring! but often overlooked around the new year... overshadowed by resolutions.  things i want??  there are some cookbooks {bread ones-- thought you might like that} and a stand mixer... oh and a trip to disney. i want that bad
no. those are all boring topics.

we went back and forth a bit... I told her that I just felt kinda "weird" today. Then she gave me this advice...

Michelle:  Write about feeling weird...It doesnt have to be fluffy kittens and delicious muffins all the time

So...... I feel weird today, folks.  It could be because I got my period for the first time since July of 2010. {sorry if that grosses out any male readers... oh yeah, good thing I don't have any besides my husband... so I guess that should read: sorry Josh!}  Or maybe it is because it is kind of a gray day here.  Whatever it is I just feel "off" today. 

I feel guilty sometimes when I feel sad because, honestly, I have it pretty good.  I have a supportive husband, a cute and happy baby, a nice place to live {for now-- our house is on the market}and good friends-- among other things.  So boohoo to me right?  I know I should focus on these good things but it is hard sometimes... do you ever get caught up in that "blah" feeling and can't snap out of it?? 

I'm not going to continue this negative post because it isn't helping make me feel better.  Instead I will share something that DOES make me feel better when I feel weird......... little things.  I like small versions of normal things and just teeny things in general.  Maybe it is because I loved my ornate doll house growing up or maybe it is because little things are just mind numbingly cute.  So, here are two small versions of normal sized things that Jack got for Christmas.... looking at them is helping cheer me up.  Enjoy.  Oh, and thanks for listening to me whine about pretty much nothing!

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