Friday, December 2, 2011

Are you thankful??

That I am finally finishing up this list??  Or are you so sad that you don't get to hear me ramble on about what I am thankful for?  Fear not, dear readers... I will certainly find other things to ramble about!

thankful #27: a song

See the post from this morning to see what song I am thankful for.  I have been pretty stressed {listing our house, bills piling up, etc} and sleep deprived lately so I needed a good laugh and I got it this morning.

thankful #28: a gift

Our wedding present from my friend Meesh.  She isn't loaded or anything but she gave us a very, very generous cash gift.  But that isn't the part I was most thankful for...... she also gave us a bunch of games to play on our honeymoon-- games like uno and travel yatzee.  It was an incredibly thoughtful gift because it was useful gift and a fun way for me and Josh to connect while we waited for planes, instead of just sitting and doing our own thing. 

Meesh is just an all around great gift giver.  She has given Jack some pretty great gifts... for no reason other than she is just thoughtful.  A cute book about a polar bear names Lars, a soft little washcloth mit thingee, and my favorite-- his Morrissey onesie!!  I had him in that outfit so much that it was pretty worn out and pilly by the time he outgrew it and I {sadly} had to pack it away.  Here he is sporting his hip little outfit while kickin' it in Meesh's arms...

thankful #29: something in your home

I guess I could be a sappy mom and say "my son"... or I could be repetitive and say "my bed"... but I'm going to go with.... my tart warmer.  I love that it makes the whole downstairs smell nice.  I feel like it gives off a stronger scent than a regular candle.  I also like that the tealights will go out on their own after a few hours.  True, I should probably blow them out long before they extinguish on their own but I often forget {which can obviously be a problem with real candles} and I like that I don't have to stress too much about it. 

thankful #30: the thing you're most thankful for

My car.  It is so smooth and nice and....... I'm kidding!  I am 100%, hands down, no question most thankful for my family.  I never, ever have to question whether or not they will come through for me when I need them... they ALWAYS will. 

They have seen me when I am stressed and being a major bitch; when I am sad and curled up in the fetal position on my bed wailing about how hard life is; when I'm happy; when I'm scared.  They just love me no matter what. 

My parents have always been the most awesomely supportive people... telling me I could do anything when clearly I couldn't-- example: basketball.. I was terrible at basketball.  And they supported my decisions even if they didn't agree completely-- example: quitting basketball after one practice.

My sister {even though we argue something, as I covered in a recent post} is a really, really great sister.  She is a fantastic aunt to my son... really, I'm not sure who loves him more than she does?  She rivals me and Josh for the love she feels for that little boy.  Over the years, she has listened to me complain and cry and work through issues and is really helpful and positive.  And there is NO ONE better at making me feel ok after a crazy night of drinking... she can make the severe hangover guilt almost go away.

Obviously my love for Josh and Jack is huge.  It almost makes my heart explode on a daily basis.  I love my boys, J sqaured, more than I thought I could love two people. 

And then there is everyone else... Josh's family, my Gooky, my aunts and uncles and cousins and nieces and nephew and everyone in between.  I am thankful for them all. 

I am also very grateful for you.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  It means so much to me!

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  1. LOVE you! Wanna shoot some hoops later? ;)