Thursday, February 2, 2012

where did the day/week/month/(you get it) go??

People always say that time flies as you get older.  They also love to tell say how quickly my kid will grow up.  To that I smile and think  "Yeah, yeah... what do you know?  It won't be any different than it was."  Umm, wow, were they right!!  I cannot believe how quickly my days go now.  I wake up and then the next thing I know I am crawling into my bed with piles of laundry around the bedroom and dishes piled up in the sink... where did the day go?! 

I will admit it-- I thought this mom gig would be a little easier.  I am not saying I don't love it, I really do love it.  But in my naive, first time mom head I had visions of full nights of sleep and no bumped baby heads and time to read my kindle while I soaked in the tub.  Yeah, not the case.  Jack is super curious and quick and has bumped his head more times than I remember (not bad bumps, but still scary when it happens) and running a bath and risking waking up the baby when we have worked so hard to get him to sleep??  I think not.  And forget late night laundry... the washing machine sounds like a jet engine taking off and is right outside Jack's bedroom door.

So my point... I have come across some articles recently that have made me feel a little better about not keeping up with everything and about not being able to find "me time" like I used to. 

A fellow new mommy friend sent me this article and it really hit home.  It is about being a mom to one baby.  Even if you have more than one baby I strongly urge you to read it.  And if you aren't a mom maybe you know of a mom who you can share it with

I also like article below...

Sure, I miss my old life sometimes.  I miss actually being bored sometimes. I miss going out with friends whenever I want.  And sometimes I miss taking a few minutes after work to just sit and relax.  But I really love this new chapter.  And let's be honest... I rarely have the time to think about missing my old life.. there are too many other things to worry about now!!

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